Why choose Diemme Cucine

We couple Italian craftmanship and creativity to create welcoming spaces that will make people feel better.

We create beautiful kitchens.

We put our 30 years experience in crafting contemporary classics that will last for a lifetime.

Our product is fully customizable.

We are happy when clients come with their own ideas - this means we can put our creativity at work!

We greatly care about durability.

That is why we choose higher quality materials, such as Multi-layer Wood Panels.

Why choose Diemme Cucine Multi-layer Wood Panels

Higher Material Quality

Greater stability and durability in comparison to the Melamine faced chipboard.

Higher tightness of the screws, of the hinges and all the hardware because of the more compact structure with no gaps.

Non-deformability and no swelling when in contact with water.

Wider customization options

Diemme Cucine Multi-Layer Wood Panels technology offers higher customization possibilities to match clients’ requirements.

Lower Environmental Impact

Low environmental impact as the sheets of wood used to make the multi-layer panel come from reafforestation areas.

Almost no presence of formaldehyde, due to the lower use of glue compared to Melamine faced chipboard.



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